McCarthy & Soriero

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We have set out to be part of the solution towards restoring those who were sexually abused, with the goal of recognizing the grave injustices and crimes and affirming abuse victims' innate dignity.

As a Catholic fathers of young children, Jim McCarthy and Ken Soriero fully realize the shame that has come upon the Catholic Church and others due to the sexual abuse of minors.  Our firm is offering representation to those whose voices have not been heard, namely the victims of sexual abuse.

Justice demands that criminals must be exposed and victims' voices must be heard. The damage done to abuse victims has been multiplied by the inaction of the those within the Church.

The time has now come for the truth to be exposed. It is our hope that as we join together to give a voice to the voiceless and to proclaim the truth, that we can restore those within the Church to service of truth, instead of scandal prevention through cover ups of inherently recidivistic priestly abusers.

Should you deem us worthy to confide your deepest, darkest wounds, know that we will fight and zealously advocate for justice on your behalf. This is not a case. This is not a cause. This is about the Church acknowledging your wounds and hopefully this action can be part of a healing process and re-connecting you with the faith.

If you'd like to discuss anything, please give us a call at 908-766-5000, or make an appointment at any of our three New Jersey offices, or our New York City office, for a free, confidential, consultation.