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A real estate transaction may be the most important financial decision in someone's life.  It can be a stressful process from the initial home search through closing.  Let us handle your real estate transaction and leave your stress with us. 

A real estate closing is usually the final day of a real estate transaction and it may involve a closing on the purchase of property and a closing on a mortgage or the sale of a property.

But, the closing is the culmination of a process that often includes the review and signing of many documents and, unfortunately, some stressful days.  Some of the key documents may include: 

HUD Form 1/Disclosure and Settlement Statement,
Tax and Utility Receipts,
Affidavits of Title,

Residency Affidavit and

Abstract of Title and Title Insurance Policy.

To close on a mortgage, the documents may include, but are not limited to:
Truth-in-Lending statement,
Amount Financed,
Monthly payment letter,
Note and
Mortgage Lien.

A closing on the purchase or sale of commercial real estate may include some additional complexities.  The transaction may involve corporate entities, as opposed to individuals, and some key documents may include:

Letter of Intent,
Contract of Sale or Lease,
Alta Survey,
Abstract of Title and Title Insurance,
Acknowledgement of Reports (Environmental reports),
Non-foreign Affidavit,

Affidavit of Title,
Assignment and assumption of leases,
Sale and assignment of service contracts and
Bill of sale conveying any personal property.

A seller or purchaser of residential or commercial real estate should consult an experienced real estate attorney.

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