McCarthy & Soriero

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Here at McCarthy, Gafly & Marx, LLC we handle all aspects of land use, including applications before various municipal boards, in order to facilitate our clients' development and business goals.

In addition to representing individuals and entities before various municipal boards, James T. McCarthy was the Planning Board Attorney in Wharton, New Jersey from 2006 - 2013, where he was responsible for advising the combined Planning Board and Board of Adjustment on all land use matters, including planning and zoning involving site plans and subdivisions for commercial and residential projects. He is proficient in the Municipal Land Use Law, specifically as it pertains to C(1), C(2) and D variances, while focusing on his clients' long term goals.  Also, while serving as municipal Planning Board Attorney, Jim gained has the unique perspective of understanding what drives and motivates municipalities as they evaluate zoning applications, such as the municipalities' planning and zoning goals and the long term impact of commercial and residential projects, including tax revenues and the impact on existing businesses and potential future businesses in the municipality.

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